As Gear


Regular Richie


Friend and ally of Virgil Hawkins/Static, Richie created all of Static’s weapons. From the shock-box to the zap-caps, Richie went on a creating spree until he hit his peak. When he realized that he was getting increasingly smarter, he and Virgil deduced that he must be a “late-blooming” Bang Baby, with his super-powers being increased brain function. Although Richie was not present on the docks when the 'Big Bang Gas' was released, it is his theory that he was exposed 'second-hand' by his close proximity to Virgil who WAS exposed to the gas and that some of it must have 'rubbed off' on him. With his heightened intelligence he created a ton of high-tech equipment, including a robotic backpack dubbed “Back Pack”, which attached to his back. 

After creating an outfit for himself, he became “Gear” and began helping Static on his missions. While he seemed to be in the way at first, Richie quickly got ahold of things and became a real asset to Static in the field and they became partners.

Static and Gear prevented a second “Big Bang” from happening when Ebon attempted to explode a canister of the Big Bang gas after a cure for the Bang Baby syndrome was introduced into Dakota’s air. While they began losing their powers, they were exposed to the final canister of the gas and, along with Ebon and Hotstreak (now a combined Bang Baby), remained the only bang babies left in Dakota.


Regular Richie Form Edit

Gear Form Edit

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