was a Bang Baby and Static villain.

History Edit

As part of her initiation into the Meta-Breed, Aquamaria had to rob the Dakota Downs race track. Though she got rid of the security easily, during her second test Static soon arrived on the scene. After a brief fight, Aquamaria managed to short out Static. She did not count on Rubberband Man joining the young superhero. The shapeshifter managed to form a balloon around her. The compression and violent movement knocked her unconscious. She was taken into custody by the Metahuman Containment Division.

She was broken out, along with Shiv and Talon, when Ebon disguised himself as his brother Rubberband Man. It was part of Ebon's plan to try to get his brother to join his crew. Aquamaria cheered him on. Static arrived and revealed the plot to Rubberband Man. The two fought off the Meta-Breed, and Static ran a current through Aquamaria. She was knocked unconscious and taken to prison again.

She later returns in the fourth season in the episode "Wet and Wild" where she became a test subject for the cure of the Big Bang. Only to be disrupted by Hotstreak who is briefly reformed in the previous episode who tries to sabotage the testing. This results her going on a rampage and manages to disperse him in time. Only to be stopped by both Static and Gear finally subdue her in a process. Afterwards the cure of the Big Bang gas worked perfectly and her water humanoid form reverts back into her normal state, unconscious.  


Aquamaria appears to have long black hair and green eyes and her form is a water humanoid form. When she revert back to her human form in the fourth season, her appearance changed into a swimmer wearing only a blue one piece suit, a white swimming cap and black swimming goggles.

Powers and abilities Edit

Aquamaria possessed water-based powers; her body became water and she could flow through cracks, around opponents, and generate smaller quantities of extra water to blast enemies with. Additionally, she could control or absorb existing water to gain mass or create sudden floods and waves.

Background informationEdit

In Milestone Comics, Aquamaria was a Bang baby of varying affiliation. Maria was Marta's best friend, and hit by Quantum Juice as she was swimming in the river. She has fought on both sides of the law since.

Aquamaria's appearance underwent major changes in between her two appearances on Static Shock.

  • Her design changed from a bubbly girl into a slick femme fatale.
  • Yeni Alvarez took over from Erika Velez as voice actress.
  • She dropped the habit of repeating every sentence in Spanish.
  • Her name appears in the credits of "Wet and Wild" as "Aqua Maria" rather than Aquamaria.

Appearances Edit

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